Big Important Grants/Fellowships?

Medium sized grants/short term fellowships

SSE Grants

SSB Grants

American Society of Naturalists

European Society of Evolutionary Biologists

  • John Maynard Smith Prize
    • Nominations early January. Mostly for late-stage PhD early Post-Doc. You gotta have done something worthy of recognition.

Small / One-off grants (fun)

  • ESEB Outreach Fund
    • educational initiatives that promote evolution, development of evolutionary material (books, films, web sites) intended for a general audience, public outreach seminars, public exhibitions.
    • ~1500 Euro, deadlines March 15, September 15

CUNY Specific Grants

GC digital fellowship mgold@…

Smithsonian fellowships

Fulbright, or a scholarship such as a Rhodes, Churchill or Marshall

Doctoral Student Research Grant Yrs 2-6 “Low Hanging Fruit”

Foundation Directory Online

CCNY Scholarship and Fellowship Page

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